Client: Funktionsrätt Göteborg
Sector: Human Rights
Case: graphic design / layout & print production
Product: exhibition / printed matter / marketing materials
Production company: Majority Design
My role: graphic design / layout & print production / accessibility optimisation
Year: 2019
Funktionsrätt Göteborg is an NGO representing approximately 20.000 people with disabilities in Gothenburg. Acting as a network for 50 membership associations, they're working to strengthen the social rights for this very diverse group. They also offer support to individuals. Their goal is a society where everyone, regardless of functional variations, is fully involved and equal.
Universal Design
Funktionsrätt Göteborg was planning to organise an exhibition about human rights called Funktionsrättsdagen. The main purpose was to spark the visitors’ interests in accessibility rights, and to spread knowledge about the concept and importance of universal design. I got the commission to design the posters for the exhibition along with their marketing materials.
The Challenge
Each poster had a unique message that Funktionsrätt wanted to highlight. I decided to make them typography driven and only use simple graphic elements. This was a conscious choice due to the nature of the project timeline and budget. Curating photos for this amount of material; finding stock images depicting a diversity of people with different disabilities portrayed in a non-prejudicial way, matching the messages in the posters, was just not possible this time. 
Through the strategy workshop I figured out that they wanted to communicate loudness, power of action and inclusive activism. The visual expression then turned out as strong, focused and energetic.
The Outcome
To market the day, I designed a leaflet for print and as a digital accessible pdf, images for social media and digital ads. As preparations for the exhibition, I also made a 8 meter long banner, a template for the volunteers’ vests, and a double gate leaflet for the program. The leaflet was extra fun to make, since we decided to have punch out holes as a special feature. The holes match the circle theme and made the leaflet easier to unfold. On the front side, there is a QR-code leading to a digital version of the program, as an option to be read by a speech synthesis.
The printed posters measured 1x2 meters and were mounted on the sides of triangle shaped boxes for display. During the exhibition a visitor with cataracts told me that he could read the texts on them, which was really valuable feedback for me. The posters were exhibited in Nordstan in December 2019 at the Funktionsrättsdagen event, that included performances, speeches and many activities.
Funktionsrätt Göteborg liked the design of the exhibition so much, that they wished to use the graphic elements for their website afterwards. 

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