Client: Jula AB
Sector: Eatables
Case: packaging design / illustration
Product: packages / product line
Production company: Majority Design
My role: graphic design / pattern design / layout & print production
Year: 2017
The Challenge
The warehouse chain Jula was planning to launch a new addition to their own brand assortment containing different kinds of cookies and pastries. My job was to create a new design for packages together with Jula for the new brand Fika made in Sweden.

I got to work with two packaging types; there was the bag with a tray made of plastic, and the plastic jar with a sticker on top. The challenge with this project was to make the packaging feel connected even though the containers were so different. It was important to create a clear and recognisable theme to stick to in order for the design to be coherent. And decide how to make every type of cookie unique enough to stand out on its own. The keywords were: folksy, commonly, colourful, tasty and inviting. 
It's Fika Time
Early on during the process we decided on soft pastel colours and to aim for the feeling of summertime coffee break on the countryside. The pattern on the packages are meant to lead the thoughts to a vintage countryside tablecloth, but to get the right vintage expression I went a bit further back in time. The inspiration for the pattern actually came from an ancient Egypt mural painting.
The design of this product line differs a lot from Jula's other assortments and brands, but it keeps the connections to Jula as it has the same font for the body text as many of their other brands.
The majority of the cookies and pastries are vegan, which I think is a nice bonus. All of these eatables are produced in Sweden. The cookies are found in Jula’s stores from November 2017 until present day.

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