Client: Majority Design / Omforma
Sector: Eatables & Accessibility
Case: innovation / graphic design / layout & print production
Product: packaging design / printed matter / accessibility system
Production company: Majority Design
My role: research / graphic design / layout & print production
Credits: Ellie Nordfelt, research, web development & accessibility optimisation / Liv Hellström, 3D-model of lid
Year: 2018 / 2020
A Refreshing Opportunity
In the autumn of 2018 my co-op design agency Majority got invited to be a part of the design exhibition Makt/Egenmakt (Power/Empowerment). The exhibition was curated by the organisation Omforma, that works for equal rights and better working conditions within the design industry. Gathering a variety of designers and practices, Omforma created a common ground to share experiences, knowledge and strategies to navigate the design field. This exhibition was a good opportunity for me and my colleague Ellie Nordfelt to start an innovation project that had been brewing for a while.
What We Contributed
Our contribution was a packaging prototype. We named the project Outside of the Box and the purpose with it was to investigate how to create a more accessible and independent grocery shopping experience for people with different functional abilities. We wanted the packaging to look commercial, like a product you would find in any grocery store, to show that good design and accessibility don’t have to be opposites.
We ended up making a juice box, with an easy-to-handle construction according to studies. The lid is specially developed for being easy to open despite the user's strength or motor skills, with a comfortable grip and option to add everyday items as a lever.
The packaging communicates its info in a number of ways. Through the design process we thought through and tested the point sizes, use of typeface and colour contrasts. We also added braille, and a QR-code leading to a webpage where the consumer can listen to the packaging description and ingredients list with a speech synthesis.
Outside of the Box was exhibited at Malmö Form/Design Center in November 2018, and at ICIA in Gothenburg and Gotlands Kulturrum in Visby in January 2020. 
Majority Design and the juice box was also features in the book Omforma strukturerna i designbranschen (Transform the structures of the design industry) by Omforma.

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