Client: Jula AB
Sector: Laundry & Cleaning
Case: packaging design / illustration / layout & print production
Product: packages / product line
Production company: Majority Design
My role: graphic design / illustration / layout & print production
Year: 2017 / 2018
Jula wanted to offer their customers a more efficient everyday life by adding cleaning and laundry products to their assortment. With this new product line, there was a need of packaging design for detergents, washing powders and dishwashing soap. 
My commission was to design and produce these together with Jula, to be launched in their stores in spring 2018.
The Challenge
The products were supposed to express cleanliness, freshness, and that they are friendly to the environment. In addition to this, they also needed to be pretty enough to be kept on display in a home or working place. They had to stand out on the shelves to compete with other brands, whose packaging’s in many cases are full of bright vibrant colours.
The Solution
Jula was specifically asking for a vintage hand-lettering look. I solved this by creating a typography driven design hand drawn fonts had the leading parts. This made it easy to adapt the design for each item as the texts were possible edit. The combinations of the solid coloured backgrounds and the amount of negative space around the typography made the products feel honest and premium; and the end result reflected the quality and the products added more value.
The design of this product line differs a lot from Jula's other assortments and brands, but it keeps the connections to Jula as it has the same font for the body text as many of their other brands.
All of these cleaning and laundry products are made in Sweden.

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