Client: QRAB Queerrörelsens Arkiv och Bibliotek
Sector: Cultural Heritage
Case: graphic identity / branding / layout & print production art
Product: logotype / printed matter / marketing materials
Production company: Majority Design
My role: graphic design / strategy / layout & print production
CREDITS: Sara Granér, illustration on rollup & tote bag 
Year: 2018 / 2021
The Ask
QRAB – Queerrörelsens Arkiv och Bibliotek (the Archives and Library of the Queer Movement) is an organisation that collects and maintain the history of the Swedish LGBTQ+ movement, based in Gothenburg. As they started up in December 2018 they needed to reach out to potential members, and I got the commission to create their logotype. QRAB work with preserving the queer cultural heritage for future generations to come, to provide a place for a growing community to meet, and to arrange lectures.
The Solution
They wished for a logo with old-fashioned vibes, and that the symbol would include books or papers in some way. During my research, I noticed that many of the other archives around the world presented themselves in similar ways, so I thought about what things that make QRAB unique and ended up with the location. Gothenburg has a strong connection to the sea, not only because of the geographic placement of the town, but also due to the Swedish American line and all crew members who once worked there. Many of them play important roles in the local queer history.
With this in mind, I drew a seashell as their logotype. The symbol can also be seen as a book that is half open, or an upside-down pink triangle. I chose to give it a hint of art deco, to tie into that progressive era of time. The symbolism with the seashell is also suitable since the archive contains true pearls of the queer history.
The Outcome
Starting as a pro bono project, QRAB has come back to me many times with paid commissions as they were so satisfied with how their logotype turned out. I created a folder to promote the organisation, and most recently I made a pin, a rollup and a template for their newsletters.

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