Client: Transhälsoplattformen
Sector: Healthcare & Human Rights
Case: graphic identity / logotype
Product: dynamic logotype / visual identity / stylesheet
Production company: Freelance
My role: graphic design
Year: 2023
Transhälsoplattformen is a community-based platform with a goal to change the way of how healthcare is provided to trans and non-binary individuals in Sweden. The organisation reached out to me when they were about to launch, as they were in need of a logotype and a matching stylesheet in order to create coherent marketing materials. Due to their limited budget I was asked to do the commission for free, which I gladly accepted.
Making a Dynamic Identity
The logotype had to meet certain requirements in order to reach all of their target groups. It had to be serious enough to appeal to authorities, big organisations and healthcare representatives; Yet approachable enough to not become intimidating or alienating for the trans community. It had to be clear and simple with good readability, be modern, recognisable, express quality and represent the organisation well.
With a name that's quite a handfull; I started off the logo design process by exploring and elaborating with different acronyms and ways to incorporate the trans symbol, keeping in mind that transitioning often is described as being on a journey.
Transhälsoplattformens logo reflects this by being dynamic and possible to animate. It is visually going from one place to another. The symbol can be wrapped around the word mark to give it a safe contained space. It can stretch out or contract; to become a perfect shape for any given format or need.
Early on in the process one of the workshop participants mentioned the term "Radical Soft". That became one of the inspirations for the visual identity that I created together with the logo. The colour combination is inspired by the trans flag and the non-binary flag, some a bit tweaked and in pastel versions. They go well together with a punchy magenta and clear fonts with a radical vibe.
The Outcome
The board members of Transhälsoplattformen were really amazed by the result. They started to come up with their own ideas on how to incorporate the flexibility of the logotype for a conference they were planning to organise in November.
Transhälsoplattformen has since then gained a lot of new members and has started off their mission well, acting as a platform for change.

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