Client: MyDentist
Sector: Dentistry & Beauty
Case: graphic identity / branding / illustration / layout & print production art
Product: graphic profile / graphic manual / illustrations / content / marketing materials
Production company: MyDentist in-house
My role: graphic design / brand strategy / illustration / copywriting / content creation / print production / video editing / layout
Credits: Linda Adehög, IT and Marketing manager / TBS and Dear Friends, support
Year: 2022–2023
MyDentists goal was to revolutionise the Swedish dental healthcare system. The clinics used to be found the middle of a town center, on a ground level for easy access. Being open on evenings and weekends made it easier to fit an appointment into your everyday life and when you entered a MyDentist clinic, you found a store; offering everything you need for your dental care. The atmosphere being far from the typical dentist experience; a waiting room with a lavender scent and no typical noises. The floor plan, colour choices and interior design were all thought out to make your dentist appointment a harmonious experience for you. 
The Challenge
Starting in 2016 and with 11 clinics already up and running in many Swedish towns; this company really knew how to create a success. 
While their mission was clearly communicated upon entering their clinics and meeting all the wonderful staff; the marketing materials was falling behind, spreading in different directions and styles. They needed a brand strategy and a graphic manual in order to continue to grow, and that's where I came into the picture.
Warm, Peaceful, Refreshed
I started up the branding project with a workshop to figure out their core; which can be describes as "a one-stop-shop for dental healthcare, for curious patients in an harmonious and accessible environment with a caring and warm voice, which make them feel helped and cared for, so they dare to smile more". 
This was already pretty unique for the field, but the direction in where to take the design wasn't clear yet. In order to figure this out, I had to do customer profiles for both present and aspiring future demography, whom MyDentist would like to reach. Next step was to do an environmental analysis of competing dentist chains, mapping them out on a needscope wheel based on their presentations. After this I created a form together with my manager, to pinpoint how the personality of MyDentist was perceived by both customers and the management team.
When analysing all of this information, it was clear to me that they needed a way to visualise the words warm, peaceful and refreshed; the feelings you'd like to have after interacting with MyDentist. 
Solution & Outcome
With the words Warm, Peaceful and Refreshed I curated some stylescapes to show how this could be visually interpreted. I also included a more coherent style of symbols, visually connecting to their logotype. The management team really liked the sunny imagery; evoking a warm and relaxing feeling, and the use of the sandy beige together with their primary strong but kind and warm hue of purple. I also got thumbs up from TBS Media Agency, who was asked to give a second opinion on the finished product.
I was working with MyDentist for one year, simultaneously doing brand strategy and creating a graphic manual, at the same time as I was producing a vast majority of their marketing materials; ads, social media ads and feed updates, copywriting, leaflets, posters, videos, folders, signage, an exhibition stand at SweDental, email newsletters/campaigns and more.
Creating MyDentist's brand manual was a lot of fun and I feel proud to have been a part of helping them to upscale their business more efficiently, in order to reach their goals of opening more dental clinics all around Sweden. In early 2024 the brand was purchased by Aqua Dental. There are many dentist chains working with a similar vision as MyDentist and I believe that the company had a great impact on the general image of the dentistry field.

The MyBraces brand and packaging design was already created as I started working with MyDentist. This image is a mockup that I created to showcase the brand for marketing purposes. The original photo is only of a rock. I photographed all the products, retouched them and added them to this photo, creating a scene.

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