Client: Mensen
Sector: Education
Case: graphic design / layout & print production
Product: logotype / printed matter / accessible pdf
Production company: Majority Design
My role: graphic design / layout & print production / accessibility optimisation
Credits: Lotta Sjöberg, illustrations
Years: 2018–2022
The organisation Mensen envisions a society in which menstruation is viewed as a natural part of life, where everyone has access to affordable period protection, education about the body, and supportive norms surrounding menstruation. They also works to create a society free from harmful menstrual norms, taboos, and myths that limit the lives of those who experience menstruation.
They reached out to me as they started working on their booklet with info about menstruation – Mensmegafonen, and asked if I could help out with the graphic design and layout. I was honoured to be a part of their team, together with the amazing illustrator Lotta Sjöberg.
The Challenge
The booklet aims towards students in the age group of 9–12 years old. In the brief, Mensen asked for it to be easygoing, accessible and to avoid typically feminine coded colours and expressions. They wished for it to spark interest and recognition no matter what gender the reader would identify with. The material was handed out to educators, youth guidance centers and other professionals working with the target group.
The Outcome
The booklet soon became popular, so I helped them with a few revisions to print new editions. Among the existing versions that I helped them create over the years are: a hardcover book, an accessibility optimised pdf (for Talande Webb/screen readers), a grayscale pdf (to print extra copies from), and an extra legible spiral bound booklet.
The different versions of Mensmegafonen can be ordered or downloaded from 

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