Client: Mensen
Sector: Education
Case: graphic identity / branding / illustration
Product: graphic profile / graphic manual / illustrations
Production company: Majority Design
My role: graphic design / brand strategy / illustration
Year: 2021
Universell Menskompetens is a project run by the organisation Mensen. Their goal is for all teenagers and children to become educated about periods regardless of their functional abilities, and for them to feel secure and confident with their knowledge and their bodies. 
Starting up this project, Mensen needed a graphic profile with full accessibility and universal design in mind. They are a returning client of mine, and I was happy to help them out with their new project.
Through our strategy workshop, I figured out that important keywords were empowering, reassuring and knowledgeable, and that they were aiming for the impression of an older sister you can rely on. One challenge with this commission was that Universell Menskompetens are making educational materials for both children and adults. It is important to appeal to both of these quite divided target groups, and for them to easily recognise which educational materials that are specifically made for them.
I ended up creating a calm, trustworthy, clean yet colourful look, where the style for different ages is divided by the use of colours. For their typography I chose the font Itim, a playful and friendly handwritten font with good readability, and paired it with Clear Sans.
Along with the graphic manual, I created a bunch of icons for them; in order to easily highlight different messages or areas of their materials–such as questions or tips.

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